Modern Dental Comfort Destroys Negative Stereotype

Dr. Sonia Tao-Yi

Written by Dr. Sonia Tao-Yi

“Modern Dental Comfort Destroys Negative Stereotype”

For the past few decades, the depiction of dentistry in our society has almost always been negative.  We laugh at “Dr” Tim Conway on the Carol Burnett Show as he is trying to treat Harvey Korman after accidentally numbing up his hand. We cringe as Dustin Hoffman is tortured with a dental drill and no anesthesia in Marathon Man.  And then there’s Steve Martin singing about his sadomasochistic tendencies in “Little Shop of Horrors” movie. You get the picture.

Although we have all chuckled at such stereotypical renditions of the dental profession, they bear little resemblance to the ease and preventive predictability of modern dental services.  For those who take care of their teeth at home and keep up with professional hygiene services, dentistry becomes comfortable and easily affordable.

Although dental disease has decreased significantly over the past 30 years, sometimes problems still need to be treated.  When correction is needed, consider the following ways in which treatment is easier than ever before:

Orthodontics – Many patients needing a better bite or smile can now possess that without the discomfort of traditional braces.  Techniques such as Invisalign allow teeth to be moved gradually with a series of clear retainers.  This makes the treatment more comfortable, and the teeth are easier to keep clean during treatment, which makes decay far less likely.

Implants – Missing teeth can be replaced in a way that is impermeable to decay, and doesn’t require neighboring teeth to be drilled down in the process.  In addition, implants can also be used to stabilize dentures with over 90% predictability.

Sedation – For the dentally fearful, or for those requiring extensive services, patients can have their treatment accomplished with the unparalleled comfort of sedation dentistry.  This is only available from dentists who have received specialized training, and there are several such dentists on the Peninsula ready to provide “dreamy” dentistry.

In summary, enjoy the entertaining references to what dentistry used to be like, but thank the Lord for modern day advances that can make a healthy smile a walk in the park.

Dr. Sonia Tao

Dr. Tao has been practicing dentistry on the Peninsula since 1999. She and her colleagues at City Center Dental Care offer all of the services mentioned above.