Teeth Whitening

Do you wish you had a whiter, brighter smile?

Teeth whitening is one of the easiest and most economical ways to enhance your smile! Although whitening toothpastes help brush away surface stains on your teeth, they do not whiten teeth as well as professional products. Professional whitening formulas activate a bleaching process that reverses discolorations of the tooth enamel to provide whiter, long lasting results. Our office recommends two safe and effective whitening options: Take-Home Opalescence and In-Office Opalescence Boost by Ultradent

Download Teeth Whitening Brochure (PDF)

Guidelines for both whitening options

1. Your teeth should be clean. To maximize the effectiveness of either whitening option, all plaque and tartar should first be professionally removed from your teeth. If the in-office Boost option is chosen, the teeth should be cleaned at least 24 hours prior to the treatment to help minimize sensitivity.

2. Your teeth color will lighten, but not the color of your fillings or crowns. If you have had front teeth treated with fillings or crowns, they may not blend in as well after the whitening process. When your treatment is finished, you may want to have previous dentistry replaced so that it will compliment your brighter, more youthful smile.

3. Some temporary sensitivity is normal. The amount and duration of sensitivity that you will experience is variable, but it always goes away with time. Both the in-office and the take-home products contain ingredients that help reduce sensitivity and protect tooth enamel.

4. Whitening can last several years, but it is not permanent. Reasons why teeth become discolored include aging, illness, injury to teeth, some antibiotics, tobacco use, and contact with stain-causing food and drinks over time (e.g., berries, red sauces, coffee, cola, black tea and red wine). If you receive regularly scheduled cleanings, avoid tobacco products, and limit your intake of stain-causing food and drinks, your teeth may stay bright for several years after whitening. You can also periodically touch up your smile by wearing your trays with Opalescence for one day to one week. Our EverWhite plan provides free Opalescence refills for life to our eligible whitening patients! Please ask about this plan and any other whitening questions you have by calling us at 757-873-3001.

Before starting teeth whitening, your oral health is evaluated by one of our dentists.  Almost anyone is a candidate for whitening, however, dark yellow or yellow-brown teeth tend to whiten better than gray or bluish-gray teeth.  Multi-colored teeth, especially those stained due to antibiotics such as tetracycline, will need consistent, long- term treatment.  Both the take-home and in-office Opalescence formulas are chemically activated, so no light or laser is needed for either option.  Also, the color of existing fillings, crowns, inlays and onlays cannot be changed by whitening.

Take-Home Whitening

If this option is chosen, an assistant makes thin, custom-fitted mouth trays for your upper and lower teeth.  At home, you apply the Opalescence carbamide peroxide whitening gel formula into the trays, and wear them for short times each day or overnight.  Significant results can be seen within a week or less, although the rate of whitening can vary considerably from person to person.  This is our most-recommended option because it costs less than Boost whitening yet yields equally beautiful results, just taking a little longer.

In-Office Whitening

Opalescence Boost is a power whitening treatment performed in our office in about two hours that brightens teeth FASTER than the take-home option. To keep your gum tissues comfortable, the assistant covers them with a protective barrier.  Then, the highly concentrated Boost hydrogen peroxide gel formula is applied to the teeth up to three times for 20 minutes each. The advantages of in-office whitening include:

  • You recline in a dental chair while our staff performs the treatments
  • Boost whitening gel is several times stronger than the take- home whitening gel
  • This appointment takes much less total time than you would spend whitening your teeth at home to obtain the same resultsSince in-office whitening treats only the upper and lower front teeth in your “smile zone,” this option also includes the Take-Home Opalescence kit. Additional at-home treatments allow you to decide when all of your teeth have whitened to your satisfaction.