TMJ Treatment

The most complicated joint in the body is the Temporo-Mandibular Joint (TMJ).  There are three main reasons for this.  First, the TMJ is controlled by multiple muscles acting at different angles to allow for opening and closing.  If any one of these muscles is not working properly, then it can throw off the entire range of movement.  Secondly, the TMJ is a bilateral joint – there are two of them, and the operation of one is inseparably tide to the other.  Thirdly, the TMJ is significantly affected by how the teeth come together, such that if a person’s bite is asymmetrical or lopsided, then the joint can be harmed over time.  For all these reasons, it can be a real challenge to diagnose and treat TMJ problems.

Dr. Hayes and Dr. Tao have experience dealing with this complicated joint. They are able to assess and treat TMJ symptoms with occlusal splint therapy. Please call 757-873-3001 for additional information.